Saturday, October 11, 2014

Studio Blog - Day Ten - at Brighton Electric

Thursday 11 September
Second last day in the studio.
I feel like I’m walking with more purpose and power. This experience has really taught me to trust myself, my instincts, what my body needs.
To stay calm amongst the haste, hustle and bustle of every day life.
I’m really nervous to do guitar today, and also to almost be finished recording.
I’ve come to realise that I really do love recording vocals, but guitar I found quite frustrating. Probably firstly because it’s not my main instrument, but in The Dust, maybe it’s a good thing that I was playing with frustration?
This morning I recorded vocals for Hunter and did a REALLY good job. Felt like I was in the zone, didn’t want it to end at all.
I really lapped up and owned those moments.
I was in another world.
I know it has come through in the tracks too.
God I feel good about this now.

I feel like I’m making the most of this experience, but that it has also been fucking hard work. That’s like any job though. I can’t wait to feel the satisfaction of listening to these tracks.


So that’s it, I’ve finished vocals and guitar. It’s all in Dan’s hands now. I’m going to keep a close ear and see if there’s any vocals I think I did better in different takes, but I trust myself, I really, really did a good job of them.

Fuck I’m proud of myself.

What a process…

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