Tuesday, September 20, 2016

July 2015

Ignited by a flame that rests within
I was woken by a suggested sense of drama
To write about the power of the world
An unforeseen unforsaken tireless act of drama
Would hold you to the things that you believe
Hold you to the promise you must keep
Hold you to the whispers in your sleep
Achieve achieve don't run away in fear
Don't run away because it's all unclear 

I see the flame fill you
And boil up within you
Bubbling until it's reached its brim
Filling filling filling
Then spilling spilling spilling 
Over the edges and down the sides
Your heart exposed again 
You let them in
I cannot sleep until it all falls out
All of the ideas they come through
What once was serepate  United whole
United now within a common goal
Play and play and play 
And still you are okay 
And still you are the one making history 

I indulge in thoughts of freedom, a life that's on the edge 
A life that has a reason, follow the reason

The winter rain it strikes again
It pulls us in
To its vortex

I have a picture of you
Moving mountains 
and I'll take a note
Inspired by wild forces
To rhyme with you one or two times
Ride the wave just on in
Jung on in the water is great

I was woken by the global meditation to write a song about embracing change
Don't be Afraid 

Fear is an Indiana illusion
Fear will lock you in and hold you back
It's unhelpful

Fear is an Indiana illusion
Indiana inspiration
Woken by a desperation 
An attitude brought out in me that wasn't me and wasn't you

Life is big but does it all makes sense.
The universe is called?
Half asleep. 

I am ready, I am ready for you 

November 2015

And one day
The things that we behold will be old
The things that we do will be seen
As in the past
But you are significant to me
And that means something
That men's everything
Technology with progress and I could digress
But we are in our era.
We are telling our story
And I choose to focus on the present
And love you without boundaries 

When you realize that you're in your own era, and it's all been done before
Or has it?


Do what I want and I'll do it my way 

Growing or changing?

Are you home when you're home
Are you growing or changing

Choose the glow.

Illuminated by the light or dulled by its beauty?
Do you shine because of what is seen or because they see it?
Weren't you afraid to be seen in the first place? Are you still?
Perspective shifts outwards to inwards,. You choose the glow. 


Am I relaxed in my own company
Or do I feel on the outside


There's just this something about you 

Curves; I choose to be the author.

I like making the words curve, in and out of each other

Like your body and mine, but I could never really tell that story.

The Author

"The injury was a good thing"

I was told after my sprain. Because I used energy from another place on stage to get my point across? Relied on other parts of me. Put in less physical energy and needed to focus on emotional energy.

So then, what of our internal injuries and hurts?
Do they also highlight other places within us that can thrive when given the opportunity?

Then when you are healed, you can apply yourself with a new balance, a new knowledge.

That maybe it's not about trying to hard, maybe it's shifting your focus.

To what is working.

Become the author again, not the victim. Don't take no for an answer. 


You, like me
Have a deep seeded interest into the world around you
But the knowing hinders
The experience
The over thinking
Over shadows the imagination
But truth be told you cannot know
The things you know
The rules are constantly broken
So ease it, release it, love it. 
Reject the grain, the beliefs, the barriers and restraints. 


I like making the words curve
In and out of eachother
Like your body and mine
But I could never really tell that story.

I exist all the time.

It could be the caffeine
Or it could be the way  now
That the world looked 
In her new free state
State of mind
Mystify mystify 
Mystify me with your body
Hypnotize me hypnotize me
Hypnotize me with your eyes
State of mind 
Everything seems to glow now
Everything seems to glow
Existing between the trees in the slow breeze as they move trough the slow breeze
Swaying sexy 
Like intoxication
The sun drifts away
Seeping slowly into the night 
If everything has been done
The illusion that music and passion and love were invented and based on reasonable objects and objections 
No, they were not found
They were created 
With the magic of souls
So create with the magic of your soul 
I don't exist in relation to you
I come to life between the lines and the pages you set alight 
But I exist all the time 
In the burning embers
And the dwindling fire
I exist all the time
I am worthy of exceptional, earth shattering, mountain moving love. 
I fall in love with love and over again.
I am the love 
And I'm afraid of you. 
I want to experience you new
Knowing all my pat experiences and learnings 
Lead me to you

I have used a lot of meaningless words
Followed a lot of meaningless actions
Held a lot of meaningless energy
The arbitrary nature of our world holds ownice to everything seeing things the same
Until we don't
Until we realise.
That each and every experience is reflected and everything means differently to the experiences that we have 
Shop signs, means certain things to me, and not others
So when we see "a sign" we create it

I like making the words curve
In and out of eachother
Like your body and mine
But I could never really tell that story


Are you home in your home?
Are you exploring or running?
Where does your mind go, when your body goes on adventures?
What happens to the you in you?
Where does it come from,
Your wanderlust?
You're wanderlust.

Phone Calls

At first I would call you for no reason
Then I would call you for a reason
Then I'd call and make up a reason
Then I would call only because I love the sound of your voice
Lull me to sleep, quiet my busy mind
So obvious there was no reason

Patterns patterns patterns patterns

Your safe place

Is it a haven or a prison
Does it change sometimes?

Upside down

It's impossible to miss things in the future. 

But what if you thought that way?
Why would you miss about your now if you went back in the past?

Your fingertips your lips

Give me every part of you
From the bottom to the top
And I will treasure every atom.

You're more invaluable 
Than every piece of gold, on this earth.
A rare find
The only one, only single one,
Of your kind.
The first, the very first and last,
Of your kind. 
Do you need me to remind
Or do you feel me
Do you need me to remind

You're a rare find. 

Like reverse delay baby, coming for you.
The moment before the moment
On my way to you.
I'm coming baby, on my way to you. 

The moment before the moment

I will keep moving baby, closer to you 

Reverse Delay

I could feel you coming baby, like reserve delay.

The moment before the moment,
But could you hurry up my baby 
Hurry up

Because I'm tired of living this life without you
Not sharing it with you
I want to show you all the things
That excite me, that light me on fire
Baby, I want to show you.

I can feel you coming baby, like reverse delay
I know you're there baby
I can feel it in everything I do
I can feel you everywhere 

Burning bright, running deep within my veins
It's like I know you've got me
I know because I know
There is no other way to describe it 
I want to hold you though baby
With my arms they will not wander
They will find there way every day back, back to your body, back, back to your body.

Are you searching for me too, in everyone you meet?
Thinking one time, maybe two times, that you've found me?
Are you searching baby boy
As you look into their eyes
To quiet your mind?

Eternal love, love that will move mountains and evaporate oceans 
And split every atom
Of my being
Only to be made whole again.

I have so many things

So many things to give to you.


You're made up 
So beautifully
Of these tiny little atoms
Didn't I tell you
Not to play with fire
Not to split in two?
To give into desire?
But oh, I do myself
I do myself all the time 
Every atom of my being baby wants you in this moment 
And I long your finger tips 
I long for your lips

Your finger tips 

Your lips


To a place 
Where my eyes haven't seen yet
And my body hasn't been yet
My heart is there 
Because I dreamed you up 
I dreamed you up
I feel endlessness there
With you

And in a crazy manic 
Usually I start, I start to panic
I can feel you
Like reverse delay 
I can hear you, before you've spoken even a word to me
I can hear you 
Twin flame my darling
I can already hear you
The soft sound of your whispers
The soft sound
Will turn my body into a hundred tiny little pieces 
And you love each individually
Every little bit of me


Live the life you lust.