Thursday, December 16, 2010


EVELYN MORRIS, otherwise known as PIKELET, speaks to STEPHANIE PICKETT about her upcoming tour co-headlining with RICHARD IN YOUR MIND, album release and all the necessary ingredients in creating good music.

Big dreams turned to big success for this Australian wonder, who at 3 and a half made it clear to her mother that she wanted to be a concert pianist, and since then has traveled the world with her distinctively charismatic music.
Once a small town Melbourne girl, now a world-renowned musician, Pikelet is one sweet act you will never forget. Evelyn Morris uses the artist name Pikelet as a tribute to her mother, who used to cook her pikelets to cheer her up when she couldn’t afford much else. Pikelet’s very distinctive and original style, which is usually a mixture of pop, ambient and psychedelic, is just one factor that highlights her musicality and versatility between genres. “I feel like music is something I want to get a response from, when I listen to it I want to feel something emotionally…that might sound in one instance like a dance track and in another like a folk song”. Although you would never guess it, she is also the drummer from the hardcore band True Radical Miracle, but felt that she could do more for herself as a musician by expanding her horizons and working on her solo work as well. “I was really keen to play with melodies and harmonies, it was also an exercise in learning confidence in myself by doing something on my own and being proud of it.” Pikelet used to perform her own work as a lone ranger, however, as different aspirations and expectations of herself arose, the inclusion of other band members seemed to be an excellent step forward for this brilliant musician. “We’re writing heaps of new material together at the moment, it’s definitely got to the point where I write more when I’m with them”. The timing for this progression was perfect with the emersion of her new album Stem and upcoming tour, co-headlining with Richard In Your Mind (RIYM). Although Pikelet and RIYM have played together before, it is now that they are in such similar places, with both of them releasing their second album, that these two prestigious acts have chosen to join forces. Pikelet has toured all over the world, from Europe to the USA, but when asked where she is most looking forward to touring to, she answered “I’m really keen to check out heaps of the smaller places that we are going like Katoomba… although having said that, this will be the first band show in Brisbane, so I’m really excited about that too!” This tour is certainly not one to be missed, as there will be a vast array of songs that have never before been heard or performed. “We are still in the middle of writing a few new songs so we are getting them ready for the tour, ‘cause it would be really awesome if we could road test them out”. Needless to say, this tour is going to be a huge success for Pikelet, her band and co-headliner Richard In Your Mind and you would be crazy to miss it!


(As seen in Rave Magazine - Brisbane Street Press)

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Thursday, December 2, 2010

COLOURFIDE / OCEANICS Hard Rock Café - Saturday Nov 13

There is a vibrant energy that fills Hard Rock Café, as local Gold Coast band, and support act for tonight, Oceanics, enter the stage. Opening with a roots/folk style introduction, that contrasts well with their pop-rock standards. With catchy hook-lines and captivating melodies their appreciative audience is dancing energetically throughout their set.
Applause erupts as Gold Coast’s very own Colourfide, introduces their set, which soon reveals to be a mix of roots and reggae with a distinctive rock edge. Their rare on stage chemistry and passion is complimented by the unique style each of their wide assortment of instruments (from electric guitar, to bongos, to trumpet) creates. With bass and drum working together to craft a Cat Empire-esque funk beat, the audience dances sporadically in sync with the vibe. The sweat-filled celebration continues throughout the entirety of the set, but as Colourfide’s encore comes to a dramatic end, each member of the band smashing out every note theatrically, drinks are spilt and balance is lost as the audience breaks into their final fits of erratic dancing.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charlie Mayfair/ Woe and Flutter/ Russian Kidd/ Alone With Wolves/ Kate Tanner: The Loft 6/11/10

Kate Tanner

The night begins with Kate Tanner and her beautiful set of folk/ acoustic numbers that has the audience hanging onto her every heart-felt lyric. Accompanying her vocally and on electric guitar is Evert Du Plessis, lead singer of the band Russian Kidd, and together these two create an intimate, tangible ensemble. Kate engaged the audience with her interpretation of Angus and Julia Stone's song 'Jet Plane'. Her set was well rounded and professional, a brilliant effort from a first support. Check Kates Music out on

Alone With Wolves

The room is filled with a thick textural ambience as local Gold Coast band 'Alone With Wolves' introduces their set. As their first song progressed, it ignited into an eclectic array of ambient rock which spreads throughout the entire atmosphere like a warm current. Their rhythmically enchanting mixture of ambient music, rock and electronic samples had audiences captured and not wanting to be let go. Although there were a few hiccups with the PA, a forgotten capo and a broken string, lead singer Eimhin Healy carried the performance with a high class of professionalism. Eimhin's clean vocals have an alternative edge to them, however are still articulated and well spoken allowing for the audience to understand the emotion behind every word. Their extended break-downs are reminiscent of 60's-Zappa-'freakouts', with a modern ambient/ rock zest. Give these boys a listen, you will not be disappointed.
Alone With Wolves:

Russian Kidd

The audience dances energetically to Russian Kidd's catchy melodies and clever hook-lines. 2 guitars, 1 synth, 1 bass, a drum kit and an array of beautiful harmonies are the ingredients Russian Kidd uses to define their distinctive electro-rock sound. Their interesting spin on Robin S's track, 'Show Me Love', keeps the set active and has the audience tuning in as they recognize the familiar tune. It is obvious the musicianship that this band has, constantly thanking the audience and letting other bands performing on the night use their gear. They have as extremely exciting future ahead of them, with their debut EP to be released at the beginning of next year. In the mean time, check them out on their Facebook page:, listen to their music on their Myspace:, or follow their latest music on Triple J unearthed.

Woe and Flutter

Distorted ambient rock rings in my ears as Woe and Flutter, a brilliant Gold Coast band, introduce their set. With the rough, genuine vocal delivery of Dusty Anastassiou cutting through the mix it is clear how distinctively different and tangible their sound really is. The charismatic approach they have to their music is clearly why they had such a huge following on the night in question, it is inspiring to see just how connected each individual is with their instrument and the amount of passion being emitted from the band during the performance is enough to leave you moved. The audience, who if they stood any closer would have been chewing on the lead singer Dusty's luscious mound of hair, seemed to be very familiar with all of the music that this awesome band were performing. For such a freshly new band, their following is remarkable. Check their latest music out on their Myspace:, or follow them on their Facebook page:

Charlie Mayfair

Brisbane's Charlie Mayfair were the cherry on top of the musical cake tonight, delivering their divine folk set, polished off with thick, textural harmonies and pushed forward with a driving rhythm. Each member of this 5-piece band seems to have a distinctive importance and belonging, without any of them, the sound created just would not be the same. Their uplifting energy and sensational melodies create a vigorous atmosphere, complimented by an interesting array of sounds from tambourine to electronic/ atmospheric synth. The audience laps up the music in awe, showing obvious excitement when a recognizable song from their new film clip 'If I Fell Down' is played. Their set had a certain tasteful essense about it that was held throughout the entirity of their time on stage, but it wasn't until their last song, 'Blue Water', that the crowd was left speechless, totally encapsulated by such a moving performance. The song begins extremely ambient and soulful with a bassy timbre and reverberant thick texture; literally feeling like a wide blue ocean. Their mezmorizing layered harmonies and ambient synth effects were accentuated with percussive build ups and break downs, finally climaxing to an astonishing ending with the audience in a fit of applause. A brilliant finale to a outstanding night. Check their website out:, listen to their latest music on :, or follow them on Triple J Unearthed:

To find out when more amazing events like this are on, follow Realm of Anarchy:

The next Artist Showcase is on December 4th at the Loft and is sure to be an incredible night, featuring Vauxal Arches (HelloYoko) and many other extremely talented musicians. Find the event on Facebook:

(photos by Mitch Hammer, Gleb Tugushev and Katerina Kaliviotis

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Monday, October 18, 2010


It is not one or the other.
It is a choice.
I choose neither.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Monday, October 11, 2010

Authenticity For Sale

"Art and suffering walk hand in hand like butterfly wings and the pins we stick them with"
Beston Barnett

- Cowgirl in the Sand


So close I can almost taste it.
So frightened at a point of danger.
So happy to be seeing finality.

Freedom, for the precious and lonely.

- Cowgirl in the Sand.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Belated Promise Ring

"The weather can close the world within it's hands".
Iron and Wine

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Thursday, October 7, 2010


times like these
you understand how human you really are
Our bodies have immune systems, to fight for good health
and our minds
Our minds have the power to fight against the bad decisions we are bound to make
and our hearts
Our hearts have no hope.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Vision Impaired

Without using my eyes
I saw you today.

You saw me too.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Waves

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Picture Perfect

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Tiger Choir and Toy Balloon x&y Sat Aug 28

The night begins without so much as a pop, let alone a bang, with three-piece support act Tiger Choir all the way from Tasmania. Lead singer Elliot Taylor’s uses various programmed loops and effects sound more like a wall of random noises, mixing together as good as water does with oil, than a textural benefit. Their stone composures and lack of interaction with each other quickly leads the audience to lose all interest, even though Taylor tries desperately to grab their attention with vocal dubbing and looping techniques. The imprecise intonation and pitch of each harmony leaves the song sounding awkward and messy. Drummer Sam Nicholson has a smooth, rhythmic style when playing his kit, however his inability to play in the pocket adds to the untidiness of their entire performance.

Toy Balloon’s catchy melodies and creative song structures are like a breathe of fresh air after being subjected to asphyxiation. As lead singer Greg Cooper introduces the first song You’re Feeling Trapped, a gorgeous wave of bubbles flow onto the stage, reflecting not only the colourful flickering lights of their cleverly chosen onstage props, but also the seamlessly flawless manner of this well rehearsed band. A whirlwind of excitement erupts as guitarist Nimai Etheridge returns to the stage without a guitar, but instead a saxophone, breaking out in a jazzy solo. From their amazing sounding programmed loops to their layered percussion and clapping sections, this stylish Brisbane band delivers a cosmic display of professionalism and talent. The energy of pixie like Chloe Cooper, as she jumps and bops around centre stage, has the audience not only dancing with her, but also prodding and wedging to get closer to the stage.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

A Thousand Tiny Men

You can say
Anything you like
I hear the words
Like bullets and knives

You body explodes
Into a thousand tiny men
And they all say the same
But all stay the same

You think it’s right
To compromise?
You think they’ll fight,
While paralyzed?

I’ve tricked you once,
and I’ll trick you twice.

Again, a thousand tiny men.

Blood will boil
And thicken here
You're so unwelcome
with your sickening sneers

We meet again
Or do we not?
Twists and turns
Trapped in knots

Smell the fear
From the cracks in the floor
A barrage of mirrors
Still I ask for more

You choose to offend,
With your dividend?

Again, a thousand tiny men.

Feel the curves,
of the hourglass.
Feel the world,
as her mind departs.

I’ll swap your laughs,
I’ll swap your smiles.
I’ll trade the scars,
I’ll trade the bile.

But what I’ve built
I won’t sacrifice
My shell of sacred
Stones and ice.

You fixed me once
You won’t fix me twice

No, not again, a thousand tiny men.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Perfect Stranger

Please move slower
as courage is building
the afternoon is creeping
the sky is edging dusk.

Please let me tell this
the way that I remember
danger lurks around a well lit corner
platinum and tangerine.

Sudden, overwhelming,
pressure of the cut.
synthetic bounds of preservation
attacking hope and pride and lust.

Obvious eyes and a silent smile
as the break of night receives you
strange, poignant, fragile, pressing
To seek? To stay?

Smirks and horns.
I made this choice.
two sets of eyes, ears, legs,
become one.

Engulfed by subtle sweats
and tiresome wonder
will we meet again perfect stranger?
did you also feel the cold?

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Just Dreaming

Sometimes I just get caught up in my dreams.

I know you notice, I know you can tell that I'm not really there.... but it's a little bit intimidating when you ask what is on my mind sometimes. Sometimes it is sacred. Sometimes you just can't know.


Sometimes I wish that you knew what my dreams were about...
Life is full of these little contradictions.

I just wish sometimes, that you knew

when to ask.

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Why is it that we always leave things to the last minute?

Is it because we are so bored with the monotony of our own lives that we want to spice it up a little? Maybe we want the rush of almost missing out on something. Like a minuscule version of almost getting hit by a car? You only JUST slip out in the nic of time!

In a sense feeling like... we may have almost lost out big time but... LOOK! WE DIDN'T! HOW GOOD ARE WE!!??

Like an unnecessary ego boost... where we could have just done the assignment at a reasonable hour, then moved on to better more productive things. Which overall, would have most likely been more of a confidence boost. This therefore strikes closely to the fact that the human race is becoming more and more lazy and finding themselves occupied and entertained by such small rushes of adrenaline.

I think it's a bit of both... I know that I have been sitting here, since the late hours of the afternoon trying to do an assignment that is seemingly easy, however I let my mind go off track with petty things like 'snack time' or 'facebook chats'... or the -not so petty- distractions such as Radiohead and Bjork...

When will the procrastination stop? I could have had this done within a couple of hours but look, it's 11:40 and the assignment is due in 20 minutes. I just kept putting it off and putting it off until the last hour when I knew that I either had to face the facts that it wasn't going to do itself or admit failure.

Coming from the Pickett family, it is impossible to admit failure.

Thus, my quick little fingers typed and typed until they couldn't type no more and BOOM assignment done! All in a matter of minutes.

I personally despise procrastination, however still seem to be a subject to its evil claws every single time!

This is very deep analysis over an assignment that is worth comparatively nothing to my overall grade, but maybe that's just because I've had no sleep... or maybe it's because I know, for a fact, that even with the bigger ones I will still find a way to be occupied up until crunch time. Is it my inability to learn from my mistakes or the fact that I enjoy life's little rushes?

I guess I'll never really know for sure, but it's probably a bit of both.

-Cowgirl In The Sand

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kim and Chris Sheehy, Saturday 1st April 2010, Jubilee Hotel

Last night at the 'Jubilee Hotel' in Brisbane, the beautiful Kim Sheehy and brother Chris Sheehy played a gorgeous 45 minute set to open the night with a relaxed sense of enthusiasm and talent.

They both performed some of their own originals, of which, my favourites were 'Battleships' written by Kim, and Chris's 'Make a Difference', however the breathtaking performance was encapsulating from start to finish.

The various occasions that I have seen these two play separately have given me goosebumps... however, the mixture of tone and presence that they deliver when performing together is so remarkable and moving that it goes far beyond the sensitiveness of my skin... it truly inspires me in my own songwriting and performances.

To have a listen to Kim's originals, and keep track of her future gigs, visit her Facebook page:
or Myspace page:

To listen to Chris's own music and find out where you can catch this talent playing, visit his Facebook:
or Myspace:

These two are regular performers around the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas and I strongly recommend you come down and check them out. Chris's next Gig is at 'The Cave' (formerly known as 'The Cavern') in Nobby's Beach. Stay tuned for more future gigs!

The event was organized by the wonderful people at In Bloom Entertainment, who are already doing wonders for the local music scene. To keep track of what is happening in your local music scene, join them on Facebook:


- Cowgirl In The Sand

Friday, July 16, 2010

Is that you?

There is a bitter sweet sickness to consistency

The bitterness of no matter how many clothes you buy, places you go, people you see, haircuts you get... you are still, in fact, within the shell of the person you were before all these desperate attempts to break free. Thus, are we still the same people we were at birth? Never changing? Never moving forward?

These questions draw immediate attention to the sweet side of all considered aspects. We are who we were meant to be, we are who we were made to be... a cluster of lost and confused beings searching for a reason and thus, we are more ourselves during times when we feel most lost then we have ever been.

Who are you really? You are you, and nothing will change that.

You are not something that is in need of fixing, you are distinctively different to every other person around you and be thankful for that. As no matter who you are trying to be like, or who is trying to be you, you have always been, and will always be, the same entity and that makes being yourself more worthwhile than ever.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Thursday, July 8, 2010

how is it that everything can change in just one moment?


- Cowgirl In The Sand

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So... I'm not going to lie, I am a bit of an Ebay addict... all thanks to the beautiful but ever so influential Erin Murphy...

But my favourite little website at the moment, that I actually can't get enough of... if Etsy

It is similar to Ebay yes, however the entire site is based around handmade cute little goodies, from jewelry to furniture, which are not doing wonders for the bank account

My newbie of...well...this week so far ;) is this vintage scrabble tile pendant, and someone special will be getting a similar one but they can find out when it arrives!

mmm yes... in love ♥


- Cowgirl in the Sand

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Julian Smith

So... as some of you know I am down for a good laugh... and Julian Smith has been the one satisfying my childish sense of humour this last month...

This one is my favourite ;)

Found this funny?

- Cowgirl in the Sand


New life, new love, Melbourne Zoo's lucky little charm...

must be big now, these photos are from last year.
Just wanted to draw attention to the fact that spring is on the horizon.

I have a confession for you, I have an obsession with elephants... and my memory is as good as one.

...Too Much...?

Spring; happiness,

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Success can be measured in many different ways

It is a common misconception that success is the product of money and power


What is a life without people to trust? Accomplishments of the heart that do not equate to monetary values? Freedom of will and beauty of ones soul?

Musicians do not choose to be musicians for the money, they do it because it is where they feel safest and it is what connects them more strongly to their universe.

...and this, I believe, brings us a greater success.

... in saying that however I would feel pretty accomplished with one of these hanging around my neck...

come on a girl can dream about Tiffany can't she?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
...but really...if you haven't yet checked out their new statement range...where have you been?

- Cowgirl in the Sand


They have been educating and re-educating me for years, but it was at Big Day Out 2010 where my respect for Muse really skyrocketed. There are so many layers to this UK band, from their incredible songwriting abilities to their pristine stage performance... this band has it all it seems that they will be touring Australia again...I COULD essentially see them in Brisbane, but what would be the point in that when this is a reason and a half to take a trip to melbourne to visit the family??

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Oceanics Update...

If you are looking to buy tickets to the Caloundra Music Festival to help support this well rounded band, visit:

Also, If you missed them playing at the Titans match, then you can watch it here:

-Cowgirl in the Sand


The hot new craze on the block that everyone is talking about is definitely the band Oceanics.

Like The Kooks? Or other bands that sit within the Rock/Indie/Groove Genre? then you will LOVE Oceanics!

This inspiring group of local Gold Coast talent has been playing together since highschool and have developed a brilliant, unique sound.
Each member brings their own flavour to this well-crafted band:

Elliot Weston - guitar/vox

Jackson Haswell - lead guitar/vox

Andrew Geisel - drums

Zach Hylton - bass/vox

From knowing Elliot and Zach personally through studying at The Con, I would never guess that they had played at the latest Titans match at Skilled Park on 31st May in front of 30,000 people, as they are so down to earth, and this is reminiscent of the attitude of the entire band.

They also recently were voted by supporters and fans to play at Caloundra Music Festival (8-10th October 2010), alongside such acts as Powderfinger, Jet and many other famous for these boys to still have a level head space is such a blessing and I feel that they therefore connect better to audiences as their music is easier accepted to the public due to their nonchalant charisma.

Oceanics are on the uprising, so don't miss out on seeing them at one of their many Gold Coast/ Brisbane gigs before they skyrocket.
Their next gig is on the 11th of June at Miami Shark Bar starting roughly around 10pm.
So come along and support some local talent and they will swing a free demo CD your way!!

Can't make that one? No need to fret...
16 Jun 2010 8PM Kings Beach Tavern, Sunshine Coast, QLD
17 Jun 2010 8PM X & Y Bar, Brisbane QLD
5 Aug 2010 8PM The Basement, Gold Coast, QLD

You can keep updated on when there is an Oceanics gig near you by visiting their or Facebook Page:
Not convinced? Well, I find that hard to believe, but if you need a further push in the right direction then their demo tracks are now available to listen to, plus a couple of live videos, on their Myspace Page:

All music has been Produced and Engineered by Zach himself, with Elliot co-producing and co-engineering and the sound that has been produced by these two, who are only in their second year of learning about the process, is actually amazing.
All of this beautiful photography was brought to you by Victoria Lea Photography, like what you see? Check out some more of her wonderful artwork at:

-Cowgirl in the Sand


Latest Goss with the band Irah...

The Gig on July 1st 2010 at Unplugged At The Basement at The Gold Coast Arts Centre, that was originally Shaunyl's solo performance is now an Irah Gig...

I know exciting right?

If you are looking for something chilled and casual to do on that Thursday night then come and check out this gorgeous duo.

There is also food and a bar available for those who are that way inclined ;)

Hope to see you there!

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Epileptic Fist Fuck, if you didn't gather by the name of this band, Epileptic Fist Fuck (EFF), that they are DEATH METAL, than here is me telling you.

When I first started my degree studying a Bachelor of Popular Music (BPM) at Griffith University's Conservatorium, I was, sadly, very single minded about the music that I liked and listened to. However, from being exposed to many different styles and genres, I have come to really respect and enjoy a wider range of music. So yes, a girly girl like me, going to her first ever metal gig was a huge jump in the deep end, but it is new experiences like this that help us grow as people, so when I was invited by fellow BPMers, Marco Fowlee (drums) and Jed Nadin (guitar), to come check their band out, I thought...why not??

...and as you can tell by the following photo, not only am I glad I went to their gig at Miami Shark Bar on 13th May 2010, but I clearly enjoyed myself and now have a whole new level of respect for the genre.

As absurd as it is, a lot of people regard Metal as "noise", as they do not understand the precision and perfection that you must train towards, day in, day out, to be able to master the art that is 'Metal'... thus, you have to be an extremely passionate musician to be able to play in this style. The amount of motivation needed to conquer this level of expertise is actually insane... but I tell you what, these guys have it down to a T:

Brett Cullen - Guitar and vocals
Dan - Bass and vocals
Jed Nadin - Guitar
Marco Foxlee - Drums

EFF play quite regularly at many Gold Coast and Brisbane venues and I strongly recommend you go have a listen, even ESPECIALLY if you are not particularly into Metal... as they will, without a doubt, curb your view on what is good music.

Marco and Jed themselves, with the help of fellow metal-head and BPMer Xavier Collard, engineered and produced their new songs, with the facilities provided by the Queensland Conservatorium.

You can listen to these songs, plus find out about when EFF's gigs are on by visiting their new Facebook Band Page:
...or their Myspace Band Page:

... oh and p.s. prepare for a mind explosion.

You can find out about more gigs on at Miami Tavern by visiting their website:

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gold Coast Talent

If you enjoy the likes of Angus and Julia Stone, or other easy listening acoustic style music, then you will love the music of local Gold Coast band

My favorite out of the collection of their authentic, beautiful songs is 'Seven Seas'. It is sure to send shivers down your spine, as it draws closely to the feelings of being truly and deeply in love.

Shaunyl Benson and Eimhin Healy are the pair that make up this gorgeous duet. Their laid back relaxed approach to life is reminiscent within this music and therefore the listener can relate easier to it as there is no fanciness separating them from Irah.

Check them out, they are the new flavour everyone is tasting, so don't you be the one to miss out.

You can catch Shaunyl performing her solo artwork at Unplugged at The Basement, July 1st, 18+, $10 entry

You can find out more about local bands performing at the Basement by joining the facebook group:

-Cowgirl in the Sand

New Found Love

Words can not express how beautiful this woman truly is

French singer Camille has had me captivated for the last 3 days by her amazing originality and emotion. The first time I heard her music I was blown away and have not been able to turn it off or get it out of my head ever since. Her latest album, titled 'Le fil' (The Thread), is based around her humming a G note and building upon that with various verbal and body percussion with minimal instrumentation. I thoroughly recommend this album if you are into alternative world music like Bjork, and she even slightly emulates the sound of Imogen Heap.

In so many ways she is perfectly human, and I love it

Visit this Youtube website, a video of her singing 'Home Is Where It Hurts' from her album 'Music Hole', to see exactly what I am talking about...

...Now that you have experienced the beautiful journey that is Camille performing live... here is the link to her website... where you can learn more about this gorgeous artist...

her album is also available at all good music stores and on iTunes. Must be hard to say no now hey? ;)

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Yorke at Rosies 10th March 2010

One of my strongest passions is the local music scene.

It is bands like Gold Coast band Yorke who really set the benchmark for performances.

This emerging band plays shows regularly around the Gold Coast and Brisbane alongside many reputable artists such as Paper and The Plane. They delivered an exciting and emotional performance from all members:

Jamie Killick - Vocals/Guitars
Joel Stewart - Bass/Vocals
Dan Jones - Drums/Vocals

I would categorize them as sitting in the rock genre and I compare their style closely to that of Jimmy Eat World.

Yorkes next gig is at on June 25th, 2010, supporting Burning Brooklyn, at Surfers Paradise Hard Rock Cafe.
You can keep updated on future Yorke Gigs by staying tuned into their facebook:

These photos were taken at Rosies in Brisbane

To find out about more gigs at Rosies visit

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Dallas Green

The musical love of my life, Dallas Green

"Now you still speak of day old hate,
Though your whole world has gone up into flames
And isn't it great, to find that you're really worth nothing
And how safe it is to feel safe"

You're words of wisdom have carried me through every rise and fall, thank you Dallas.

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap

Watching Imogen Heap at the Hifi Bar in Brisbane on March 26th 2010 was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Although the fairy-lights brought a sense of daintiness and beauty to her emancipative performance of her new album Ellipse (and a few old favourites), it was the outburst of light within Imogen's soul that sent the tears rolling freely down my face.

With her clever use of vocal dubbing and a sparse array of quirky supporting acts, Ted N Ted and Tim Exile, she gave me a night I could never that would never be repeated as she was so unique and individual.

The way in which Imogen embraced the audience with her charismatic performance, immediately positioned me to view her in a different light... not the woman whose albums I had spent hours listening to, not the woman that I had idolized since the dinosaurs...but a real woman, a real person, someone I could relate to. She involved all audience members in the overlaying harmonies of her song 'Just For Now', however, beforehand the entire audience was singing along word by word to each track anyway.

Listening to her album on the way home therefore gave more meaning to her music, I felt as if she was with me, sitting in the car, deeply delving into her latest shenanigan like an old girlfriend. To know that a woman of her stature can battle anything and still stand to not only tell the tale, but express it in a way that thoroughly embraces all emotions involved, by writing a song about it, leads me to believe that any challenge, no matter how fierce, can be overcome. My respect levels for her as a person from then on had skyrocketed beyond imagine.

And for this I thank you Imogen, you are a blessing.

I strongly recommend seeing her performance live, and if you are doubting my faith in this woman's live abilities, visit to see for yourself how she performed live on 103.1 FM (USA) warned, you are about to be blown away.

You can purchase Imogen's new album 'Ellipse' via iTunes and listen to it online free at
The CD was released the 24th March 2010 and is available at all good music stores.

-Cowgirl in the Sand

Live the life you lust.