Thursday, August 21, 2014


Studio Blog - Day Three - at Brighton Electric

Wednesday 20 August
We are working very fast which is a whirlwind, but really great experience. I feel separated from the music, which is probably a good thing, working with amazing professionals who are experienced and hard workers.
Working on Unknown Water, love this song really, even though it’s mine. Am I allowed to say that?
I’ve never worked like this, giving so much control to other people, really teaching me to be clear about my musical choices and what I want to sound like. Mike and Dan are capturing it beautifully though.
We are making “Canyon Music” as Dan calls it, like a storm across a canyon.
I want to make music that is powerful and makes a point.
I feel like we’re achieving this.
Mike is working so hard.
I learnt today that Dan says no to some bands, this must mean that I have something to offer. That makes me feel a sense of achievement.
Dan describes Unknown Water as “Unrequited sizzle”… otherwise known as lust.
We’re building like a Laura Marling song, who would have thought after loving her music I’d be emulating elements?
We’re onto The Dust now… Dan describes it as Gypsy Spanish music.
Mike samples through his Komplete Ultimate, we’re achieving some sweet sounds. I can’t believe I’m doing this for myself, I’m so proud of myself. Mike is programming this percussive beat that captures effortlessly the “oomph” of and drive I want for this track.
I don’t think I realized until today how out of place I was feeling, everything seems a lot clearer upon reflection… I’m feeling so much more settled today and really like I belong.

Feeling like I’m growing as an artist from working with these two.

Studio Blog - Day Two - at Brighton Electric

Tuesday 19 August
First up we work on A While. I meet Jimi, James, Tom and some others in the cafĂ© part. It’s an interactive little area where everyone goes to hang out. I like hanging about out there… it’s nice. Makes me feel like I’m really being myself in this environment. Could bump into someone cool too!
We came into studio and felt like BPM (the studios where my Bachelor degree was based), immediately felt more relaxed.
I slept awfully last night and haven’t really woken up yet or meditated, maybe feeling disheveled today is the best way to be? Stormy..?
Mike Lord has set up his synth and I have my guitar out about to change the strings. Jimi changed them for me, which was lovely of him.
Today we are getting a good scope on the songs and how they will sound. I’m excited and scared and nervous and thus... feel like it’s just a regular day. SO WEIRD!!!! Have too many reactions to feel any.
Also had some emails from home and work this morning so my mind is a few places. A
bout to have a deep breathe and become mindful and in the present moment. 1,2,3 BANG I’M here!!! Does it work like that? I know it doesn’t. Count five things count five things.
Working on A While – introducing electric guitar, which is different but awesome!!!
We start working on Hunter, this song Dan told me he wanted to “wet himself” over.

Both of these guys are so experienced and fluent in the studio, I almost feel a little numb to everything, but need to remember that I wrote these songs and that’s where they’re coming from, so I’m an important element too.

Studio Blog - Day One (prelude – kitchen sessions)

Monday 18 August
We are sitting around the kitchen table. It’s all very human. I can see into the backyard and it’s a beautiful day, stunning really. That is helping with the nerves. Dan asks me to get my guitar out, and I’m super nervous. So nervous I hit it on the case while pulling it out and it made a little dint in the front. We are pulling the songs apart and I’m feeling very vulnerable.
After a while…
I start feeing real success and accomplishment with my song Unknown Water; really feel like I’m connecting with the music and in the right direction.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Human condition

To pry away from the human condition
To oppose what’s known the norm
Finally free
Finally me
Finally happy to not conform

The only life worth living, is that which is lived for others - 'Albert Einstein'. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

I’ve got two tickets to nowhere

I’ve got
Two tickets to nowhere
But I would go anywhere
With you

Anywhere but here.

On my left hand side I see a look in your eye I can’t trust
But on my right I see
A shadow, of wanderlust.

So I let myself indulge, in the thought of letting go.
So far from in control, but you promise to help me grow.

But you don’t. and you won’t.

But what you don’t know, Is I will take this
Far beyond your throw
I will move this, I will shake this
Further than you could imagine, further than you’ll ever know

Leave you, where you tried to leave me.
I will make it on my own.
Singular, but not alone.

I’ve got
Two tickets to nowhere
But I can go anywhere
Without you

- Ella Fence

Live the life you lust.