Sunday, June 7, 2015

New Single The Dust

My new single The Dust is about releasing yourself from the “control" of negative energy by harnessing your own journey. 
Would love you to have a listen and share with your friends. EP released Friday 12 June! 

Monday, May 25, 2015

Official Unknown Water Film Clip... YAY

Thank you so much to the incredible team at Double Deuce for the film clip. I'm still so blown away at how talented you are. 

LOVE it SICK. Hope you all enjoy. 

Ella Fence x

For more Double Deuce goodness:

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Unknown Water - new single

Listen to my new single here, let me know what you think!

Monday, February 9, 2015


Sometimes the flowers would die
And she would keep them
Sometimes they would die
And she would dispose of them.

Depending on the mood, the frame of mind
Would decide the outcome.

Whether they were a memory of a once beautiful fragrance, or a representation of a good thing coming to an end.

It would all depend.

And so she could see, that this was like the rest of her life, her dreams, her passions, desires and lusts.
Whether expansive or contracting, all dependent on her.

Whether opportunity was hurdle, and set back was guidance, and failure was hidden success.

Neither existing without the other, in a balanced life - duality of the mind, body and spirit.

The world, the light, the shade, was all dependent on her and the way in which she would see.

Her reality was just a mirror of her outlook. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Panorama Vision

360 vision
my one decision
to leave it as it stands
or grasp it in my hands

Palms open
Wait for the collision
my multi-vision
sees freedom in the flow
release control

Tiny little gold mines: the frustrater
fuels my mind's equator

Pushing, pulling
holding me back
in this reality.
I choose vitality.

Harnessing energy
deep inside
my one divide
you've no reason to hide.

Let go, but keeping ground
not lost, not found.

Toes gripped to the edge
Feel the energy rise
mind expanding to the sky

The space between my eyes
to bring perception; a resurrection.

You're not broken,
you're not fixed,
you exist.

The windy path
is rarely clear
but choose your own
relinquish fear

You are the prize
you are the sun
you are the lucky one.


cannot be created, cannot be destroyed.

We are the prize
we are the sun
we are the lucky ones.

Warriors of love
warriors of light
together we ignite.

Stripped back, washed away
we stand tall on our own
but fearless mountain lions
together take the throne.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

After all it was her ocean

A fear that ate her up inside
and spiralled through her mind
a great divide.

Between the feeling flowing up her back 
deep into each side
and the outcome she'd desire

She felt on fire.

When waves of words in motion
Pouring from her ocean
In control when things were still
But only up until.

The power left her side
In vulnerable she would reside
If she could she wouldn’t taste it
But the fear just wouldn’t hide

Stared her in the face
Wouldn’t leave without a trace
Wouldn’t let its head hang heavy
And know it had no place

She was shaken by the teaching
Desperately learning.

She could not make it subside,
But would not let it stunt her stride.

She would look it right back in the face
This fear she would embrace.
As power.

Use it to her advantage
Learn the lessons, teaching
Forever growing, reaching
She would stare it in the eyes
and would not own its lies.

Harness the energy as passion
She would ride it
Like a magic carpet.

She knew that once again.
Light would cascade from her skin
Replace troubles she once felt
And the others they’d begin

To see it to.

Look fear in the face
a challenge to embrace
move forward swiftly, spirit free
a warrior of sun she'd choose to be

She would choose
Not to sacrifice, again.
Not to let it lock her in. 

She would ride it
Like a wave
She would choose
The path of brave

After all it was her ocean
And to no ocean was she slave.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Summer Storms

And so the tree had taken on a new shape
Because the rain had become its friend
Disheartening for some, but in its element in the sleepy, “miserable” weather.
No longer circular and perfect. It was messy and jagged.
Just one little tree, in  a field of many, but it stood alone, and it stood tall.
It was almost the same but slightly individual and separate.
Almost the same, but it would be lost within those untruths.
It changed, adapted, with the season, the environment.
Working with the world around it.
Forever growing.
A certain ease within an otherwise brilliant frustration.
It stood, soaking up the water, soaking up the sun.
But still, some leaves were dying.
So it shed
What was once fruitful and pure, coming from within, what once thrived.
What didn’t serve it anymore was removed, to make room for beautiful new growth.
No barriers, no boundaries, no limits.
No defence mechanism or casing of protection, for what no longer served.
Only room for growth.  

Live the life you lust.