Saturday, October 11, 2014

Songwriting and Studio Blog - Day One with Ken Stringfellow in Paris

Wednesday 17 September
Doing a lot more songwriting work-shopping. Ken is so passionate and so intricately interesting. A real artist.
I just saw a couple having sex out of their window… on the window sill. Very Parisian?
We are working on Cigarettes and Red Wine, building the song up. Wednesday was a good day the way Ken worked on my vocal... he really let me go free and have an open platform. 

I’m glad we did the vocals yesterday (Wednesday as I’m now writing this Thursday), because I’m feeling really run down and exhausted today. This trip has been massive, all the moving around, all the music, the gigs, the emails, all the preparation and high energy consumption.
This song is sounding really cool. Ken is a really interesting character to work with, and I feel really inspired by him.
The life he leads is so crazy -  touring artist, producer, writer.
Talking to him and looking at the last month and a half, it’s definitely the life I want for myself.

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