Thursday, August 19, 2010

Perfect Stranger

Please move slower
as courage is building
the afternoon is creeping
the sky is edging dusk.

Please let me tell this
the way that I remember
danger lurks around a well lit corner
platinum and tangerine.

Sudden, overwhelming,
pressure of the cut.
synthetic bounds of preservation
attacking hope and pride and lust.

Obvious eyes and a silent smile
as the break of night receives you
strange, poignant, fragile, pressing
To seek? To stay?

Smirks and horns.
I made this choice.
two sets of eyes, ears, legs,
become one.

Engulfed by subtle sweats
and tiresome wonder
will we meet again perfect stranger?
did you also feel the cold?

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Just Dreaming

Sometimes I just get caught up in my dreams.

I know you notice, I know you can tell that I'm not really there.... but it's a little bit intimidating when you ask what is on my mind sometimes. Sometimes it is sacred. Sometimes you just can't know.


Sometimes I wish that you knew what my dreams were about...
Life is full of these little contradictions.

I just wish sometimes, that you knew

when to ask.

- Cowgirl In The Sand

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Why is it that we always leave things to the last minute?

Is it because we are so bored with the monotony of our own lives that we want to spice it up a little? Maybe we want the rush of almost missing out on something. Like a minuscule version of almost getting hit by a car? You only JUST slip out in the nic of time!

In a sense feeling like... we may have almost lost out big time but... LOOK! WE DIDN'T! HOW GOOD ARE WE!!??

Like an unnecessary ego boost... where we could have just done the assignment at a reasonable hour, then moved on to better more productive things. Which overall, would have most likely been more of a confidence boost. This therefore strikes closely to the fact that the human race is becoming more and more lazy and finding themselves occupied and entertained by such small rushes of adrenaline.

I think it's a bit of both... I know that I have been sitting here, since the late hours of the afternoon trying to do an assignment that is seemingly easy, however I let my mind go off track with petty things like 'snack time' or 'facebook chats'... or the -not so petty- distractions such as Radiohead and Bjork...

When will the procrastination stop? I could have had this done within a couple of hours but look, it's 11:40 and the assignment is due in 20 minutes. I just kept putting it off and putting it off until the last hour when I knew that I either had to face the facts that it wasn't going to do itself or admit failure.

Coming from the Pickett family, it is impossible to admit failure.

Thus, my quick little fingers typed and typed until they couldn't type no more and BOOM assignment done! All in a matter of minutes.

I personally despise procrastination, however still seem to be a subject to its evil claws every single time!

This is very deep analysis over an assignment that is worth comparatively nothing to my overall grade, but maybe that's just because I've had no sleep... or maybe it's because I know, for a fact, that even with the bigger ones I will still find a way to be occupied up until crunch time. Is it my inability to learn from my mistakes or the fact that I enjoy life's little rushes?

I guess I'll never really know for sure, but it's probably a bit of both.

-Cowgirl In The Sand

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kim and Chris Sheehy, Saturday 1st April 2010, Jubilee Hotel

Last night at the 'Jubilee Hotel' in Brisbane, the beautiful Kim Sheehy and brother Chris Sheehy played a gorgeous 45 minute set to open the night with a relaxed sense of enthusiasm and talent.

They both performed some of their own originals, of which, my favourites were 'Battleships' written by Kim, and Chris's 'Make a Difference', however the breathtaking performance was encapsulating from start to finish.

The various occasions that I have seen these two play separately have given me goosebumps... however, the mixture of tone and presence that they deliver when performing together is so remarkable and moving that it goes far beyond the sensitiveness of my skin... it truly inspires me in my own songwriting and performances.

To have a listen to Kim's originals, and keep track of her future gigs, visit her Facebook page:
or Myspace page:

To listen to Chris's own music and find out where you can catch this talent playing, visit his Facebook:
or Myspace:

These two are regular performers around the Gold Coast and Brisbane areas and I strongly recommend you come down and check them out. Chris's next Gig is at 'The Cave' (formerly known as 'The Cavern') in Nobby's Beach. Stay tuned for more future gigs!

The event was organized by the wonderful people at In Bloom Entertainment, who are already doing wonders for the local music scene. To keep track of what is happening in your local music scene, join them on Facebook:


- Cowgirl In The Sand

Live the life you lust.