Monday, September 13, 2010

Making Waves

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Picture Perfect

- Cowgirl in the Sand

Tiger Choir and Toy Balloon x&y Sat Aug 28

The night begins without so much as a pop, let alone a bang, with three-piece support act Tiger Choir all the way from Tasmania. Lead singer Elliot Taylor’s uses various programmed loops and effects sound more like a wall of random noises, mixing together as good as water does with oil, than a textural benefit. Their stone composures and lack of interaction with each other quickly leads the audience to lose all interest, even though Taylor tries desperately to grab their attention with vocal dubbing and looping techniques. The imprecise intonation and pitch of each harmony leaves the song sounding awkward and messy. Drummer Sam Nicholson has a smooth, rhythmic style when playing his kit, however his inability to play in the pocket adds to the untidiness of their entire performance.

Toy Balloon’s catchy melodies and creative song structures are like a breathe of fresh air after being subjected to asphyxiation. As lead singer Greg Cooper introduces the first song You’re Feeling Trapped, a gorgeous wave of bubbles flow onto the stage, reflecting not only the colourful flickering lights of their cleverly chosen onstage props, but also the seamlessly flawless manner of this well rehearsed band. A whirlwind of excitement erupts as guitarist Nimai Etheridge returns to the stage without a guitar, but instead a saxophone, breaking out in a jazzy solo. From their amazing sounding programmed loops to their layered percussion and clapping sections, this stylish Brisbane band delivers a cosmic display of professionalism and talent. The energy of pixie like Chloe Cooper, as she jumps and bops around centre stage, has the audience not only dancing with her, but also prodding and wedging to get closer to the stage.

- Cowgirl in the Sand

A Thousand Tiny Men

You can say
Anything you like
I hear the words
Like bullets and knives

You body explodes
Into a thousand tiny men
And they all say the same
But all stay the same

You think it’s right
To compromise?
You think they’ll fight,
While paralyzed?

I’ve tricked you once,
and I’ll trick you twice.

Again, a thousand tiny men.

Blood will boil
And thicken here
You're so unwelcome
with your sickening sneers

We meet again
Or do we not?
Twists and turns
Trapped in knots

Smell the fear
From the cracks in the floor
A barrage of mirrors
Still I ask for more

You choose to offend,
With your dividend?

Again, a thousand tiny men.

Feel the curves,
of the hourglass.
Feel the world,
as her mind departs.

I’ll swap your laughs,
I’ll swap your smiles.
I’ll trade the scars,
I’ll trade the bile.

But what I’ve built
I won’t sacrifice
My shell of sacred
Stones and ice.

You fixed me once
You won’t fix me twice

No, not again, a thousand tiny men.

Live the life you lust.