Saturday, October 11, 2014

Studio Blog - Day Four - at Brighton Electric

Thursday 21 August

Feel a bit sick today – will push through. Have had a whirlwind of a morning, getting lost, running out of credit and internet, my phone almost died and had to borrow the café’s one to call Dan.
I saw a palace, the Banksy kissing cops, the North Lanes, Brighton Pier again and had a beautiful breakfast at the café called ‘Ground’. 
We’re working on structure today and I’m learning so much…
Went out for lunch and still feeling a little squirmish, but better after all the walking!
Things are feeling so productive, a lot of it is in Mike Lord and Dan's hands, but they're smashing it. Feels good to put trust in others, let go of all control. 
Booked flights to Venice in the night WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

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