Monday, December 31, 2012

and I will fall

- as seen on Post Secret

Saturday, December 15, 2012


"Of myself
I am proud".
Something that you say aloud?

Things they drift
But what about your gift?

Do you spend your time unhinged
from the thankful girl within?
Is she pleasant or too thin?
Do you treat her when she wins?

Or do you look for other things
while she's crying and she stings
cause she's unappreciated
and she's tired of catering.

And would there be a difference
if you could feel her presence?
Would she mean a whole lot more
If you could really taste her essence?

Or would you just continue
to let her sink within you
diminished by consumption
of stories told untrue?


Until you lose her altogether.


I am so used
to being confused
that it feels like I should
but I shouldn't.

In a haze of regret
you stand and declare
I consider; retract
I just couldn't...

Still I want and I yearn
in this state of concern
but won't let you control
what I view!

Cause I know of your game
it's for what you are famed
and decide to LOVE me
More than you!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I know best

Life is but a blur
things unexpected will occur
and if you live between four walls
you're sit outside and just observe.

You know those moments you can't miss?
The spontaneous first kiss?
You know those friendship bring you bliss?
They are those moments just like this


But you run.

When you should be having fun
when you let it all consume you
you are choosing to be done

But you're not done.

So you stand, and you fight
and you'll do it the whole night
until the beast, the ready beast
is fearful of your very sight.

If there's a creature deep inside
that makes you want to run and hide
then tell it "No, no I'm alive"
and you stick in for the whole ride.

I know my life's a mess
of that I will confess
but it's this I will contest
that it is mine

and I know best.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

all the time

- as seen on Post Secret

Friday, December 7, 2012

What can we know

"For what is the memory but a faculty, by which we raise up the images of past perceptions"

- David Hume (1711- 1776)

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Rhea Robertson, musician, lyricist, adventurer, talks to Stephanie Pickett about her upcoming EP ‘Lights Out’.

What an extraordinary contradiction titling an EP ‘Lights Out’ when it is written, recorded and performed by someone whose lights are most definitely switched on. 
It’s not only her natural spark that illuminates the room, but Rhea Robertson’s outlook on life and her music career inspires those around her to also be lit up.

December 13th at The Loft in Chevron Island is where you’ll finally be able to get a hold of her new creation. 
Scott French from A French Butler Called Smith recorded the EP at Lovestreet Studios on the Gold Coast, a process which Rhea defined as “an amalgamation of Gold Coast musicians”. 
Her music is best described as is an eclectic mixture of rootsy sounds and passionate lyrical poetry.
The five-track EP is the epitome of her style, yet each track has its own uniqueness and individual presence. 
“It was initially a full album, but I decided I just wanted something that was exactly my sound,” she told.
“All the tracks are singles, I just have all hit songs on there”.
While her influences come from far and wide, she does not deny her Australian roots when looking for inspiration to write. 
“Growing up I listened to the band George, I just loved Katie Noonan and the songs she wrote. I think I was 12 years old and I was like ‘Mum I want to write songs like that!’” she explained.
As if by fate, Rhea met Nick Stewart, the lead guitarist from the band George, who soon became her mentor. 
Not only did he help her to express exactly what she wanted to portray through her songs, he also helped her to produce her first EP titled ‘Rhea’, playing guitar on the tracks. 
“[He] played the guitar that was his when he was in George. It was all kind of like a full circle… He’s been a big part of my music career blossoming”.
Rhea admits that she likes to follow successful people and do what they’ve done and her immeasurable achievements so far have certainly proven this to be an effective strategy. 
It’s hard to believe that such a young artist has not only already traveled Australia in an Combie van, but also explored Europe solo for two years. 
Heading overseas with only $500 in her pocket and no return ticket home, a mixture between her love for music and survival instincts kicked in and she began performing and living off her artwork. 
“I knew every weekend I would be guaranteed a gig in any country”, she said.“I came back here thinking I could do that too but it was a little more difficult”.
“Over there they look at you as a musician and see that as such a huge success, it doesn’t matter if you’re on a record label, they are like wow you’re a musician and I guess especially being Australian, they’d be like ‘WOW an international artist!’"
Rhea’s music depicts her interesting life journey, with a wide array of cultural influences mixed with personal experience.
While the Gold Coast will miss Rhea dearly, the music community is just as excited for her to venture into the artistically cultural city of Melbourne and show them what she’s got.

Keep up to date with Rhea’s movements through Facebook
To listen to Rhea’s new single Lights Out visit:
Or do both.

Alternatively, be awesome and come and join the party at The Loft in Chevron Island December 13, 2012 for the release of her EP. Go on. Do it. Doors open at 8pm.

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's the calm before the storm.

Anyone at this stage 
would think and misconceive,
that beyond my eyes so calming
is a girl who does believe:

that she will make the day
without a moment up or down
and for a second I've forgotten!
...Then it comes right back around.

The scenery, it shifts
and my hands they tremble fierce
and my heart rate starts to lift
and my stomach feels a pierce
and my mind is blank and empty
and my mouth is hard and sharp
and my legs have gone and left me
they're right back there at the start

but somehow I am running
through a centre full of faces
but I'm scattered, loss of memory
are these all familiar places?

I try to find salvation
in a space where I can hide
but my body's elevation
hooks me in for the whole ride.

Your soft eyes become rigid
and your face becomes a threat
I'm beyond my point of reason
"Are you panicked?" Yeah you bet.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It starts with one idea.

You can't copyright an idea.


It's those ideas that make you
and the same that tear and break you
through a torment they'll awake you
but not yours until they're "here".

So you're fretting and you scramble
for your eyes to get a handle
but the time is quickly slipping.
Will you miss this? Are you quick?

It's the middle of the night
and your mind is fast in flight
with ideas that seem "too bright"
but please don't let them unstick.

Will you capture what does glisten
or let the world tell you to listen
to things other than your mind,
then you just respond in kind?

Please now, drop just what you're doing
cause this little one is brewing
it'll ripple, it'll grow...
Once you let it out on show,

So, please don't let this one go. 


- as seen on Post Secret

Live the life you lust.