Sunday, May 26, 2013

How is it almost June?

- as seen on Post Secret

Sunday, May 19, 2013


She's forbidden herself
to love every second
her needs on the shelf
so for her they beckon. 

Her goals will soon melt
in her unbalanced act
she forgot how they felt
cause she thinks she's on track.

Then to her attention
an unsettled presence
its an act of contention
of her own inner essence.

She's going the right way
but the path in unclear
so she holds on too tightly
to an unwelcome fear.

She's her own biggest judge
and she's harsh on each choice
so the feeling won't budge
what it wants is a voice.

When she's standing too close
her life becomes flustered
shes not there, but almost
cause her thoughts are too clustered.

There is no one else
that can give her permission
a story she’s told
of the human condition.

In her own realisation
in an act of exposure
she becomes her own haven
as the world's without closure.

To herself she decides
to be gentle and kind
choosing peace to reside
in her body and mind.

She closes her eyes
surrenders to freedom
then blinks once of twice
and feels herself reborn.

There is enough sound
if you sit back and listen
a silence is found
its a sweet contradiction.

Then she opens her eyes
to summon the day
she’s ready for fight
so send what you may.

Live the life you lust.