Thursday, April 6, 2017


The Dancer is the party. He is your lust, your desires, your indulgence.

He is the solitude; the balance between the goodness in your heart and the devil in your dreams.

He can’t be silenced with attention, he can’t be silenced with rejection; these things to him are temporary.

He pushes and pulls you however he feels, stretching around you, shadowing you. He is your self doubt and your comfort and the facade of your confidence.

While you reflect a version of yourself that is seemingly available to all, he is your undealt card, your deepest secrets, your vulnerable self that is only truly understood, honoured, worshiped by those you choose to let hurt you.

I wrote this track in retrospect, produced in collaboration with the audacious Vinnie LaDuce, reflecting on the exhaustion of an imbalanced relationship. But every scenario is multifaceted and there is always a story untold. This song is about wanting something you shouldn’t, and the circus of thoughts that accompany every big decision. 

“Dancer, dancer, dance with me”

Music by Ella Fence and Vinnie LaDuce
Music Video by Dylan Evans and Tristan Davies 
Costume Design and Styling by Penny Challen
Hair, Makeup by Billie Weston
Contemporary Dancer played by Michael Smith
Love interest played by Thomas Larkin
Film assistant Moeko Reilly

Live the life you lust.