Monday, January 9, 2012

Trysil, Norway

Half way down the mountain at Trysil Ski Lodge, Norway. Although the sun sets here at an outrageously early hour in comparison to my homeland Australia, watching the sun set over the snowy mountains is enough to take your breath away and forget (for just a second) how freezing and dark it is about to become. Norway's nature is outstanding, even the areas that are heavily built up are surrounded by copious amounts of plantation, forest and wide open spaces.
This is definitely a country worth the 36 hour travel time from down-under!

- Cowgirl in the sand

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thank You Norway!!

This trip to Norway has introduced me to some beautiful people and experiences, one such person being Jarle Bernhoft, an amazing Norwegian musician who masters the art of male falsetto and the loop pedal to create musically virtuosic performances... devastating that he will not be on tour while I'm in Europe... Let's hope he ventures his way down under some time soon ;)

- Cowgirl in the sand

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