Sunday, August 3, 2014

I’ve got two tickets to nowhere

I’ve got
Two tickets to nowhere
But I would go anywhere
With you

Anywhere but here.

On my left hand side I see a look in your eye I can’t trust
But on my right I see
A shadow, of wanderlust.

So I let myself indulge, in the thought of letting go.
So far from in control, but you promise to help me grow.

But you don’t. and you won’t.

But what you don’t know, Is I will take this
Far beyond your throw
I will move this, I will shake this
Further than you could imagine, further than you’ll ever know

Leave you, where you tried to leave me.
I will make it on my own.
Singular, but not alone.

I’ve got
Two tickets to nowhere
But I can go anywhere
Without you

- Ella Fence

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