Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I know best

Life is but a blur
things unexpected will occur
and if you live between four walls
you're sit outside and just observe.

You know those moments you can't miss?
The spontaneous first kiss?
You know those friendship bring you bliss?
They are those moments just like this


But you run.

When you should be having fun
when you let it all consume you
you are choosing to be done

But you're not done.

So you stand, and you fight
and you'll do it the whole night
until the beast, the ready beast
is fearful of your very sight.

If there's a creature deep inside
that makes you want to run and hide
then tell it "No, no I'm alive"
and you stick in for the whole ride.

I know my life's a mess
of that I will confess
but it's this I will contest
that it is mine

and I know best.

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