Monday, December 3, 2012

It's the calm before the storm.

Anyone at this stage 
would think and misconceive,
that beyond my eyes so calming
is a girl who does believe:

that she will make the day
without a moment up or down
and for a second I've forgotten!
...Then it comes right back around.

The scenery, it shifts
and my hands they tremble fierce
and my heart rate starts to lift
and my stomach feels a pierce
and my mind is blank and empty
and my mouth is hard and sharp
and my legs have gone and left me
they're right back there at the start

but somehow I am running
through a centre full of faces
but I'm scattered, loss of memory
are these all familiar places?

I try to find salvation
in a space where I can hide
but my body's elevation
hooks me in for the whole ride.

Your soft eyes become rigid
and your face becomes a threat
I'm beyond my point of reason
"Are you panicked?" Yeah you bet.

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