Sunday, December 2, 2012

It starts with one idea.

You can't copyright an idea.


It's those ideas that make you
and the same that tear and break you
through a torment they'll awake you
but not yours until they're "here".

So you're fretting and you scramble
for your eyes to get a handle
but the time is quickly slipping.
Will you miss this? Are you quick?

It's the middle of the night
and your mind is fast in flight
with ideas that seem "too bright"
but please don't let them unstick.

Will you capture what does glisten
or let the world tell you to listen
to things other than your mind,
then you just respond in kind?

Please now, drop just what you're doing
cause this little one is brewing
it'll ripple, it'll grow...
Once you let it out on show,

So, please don't let this one go. 

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