Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The hot new craze on the block that everyone is talking about is definitely the band Oceanics.

Like The Kooks? Or other bands that sit within the Rock/Indie/Groove Genre? then you will LOVE Oceanics!

This inspiring group of local Gold Coast talent has been playing together since highschool and have developed a brilliant, unique sound.
Each member brings their own flavour to this well-crafted band:

Elliot Weston - guitar/vox

Jackson Haswell - lead guitar/vox

Andrew Geisel - drums

Zach Hylton - bass/vox

From knowing Elliot and Zach personally through studying at The Con, I would never guess that they had played at the latest Titans match at Skilled Park on 31st May in front of 30,000 people, as they are so down to earth, and this is reminiscent of the attitude of the entire band.

They also recently were voted by supporters and fans to play at Caloundra Music Festival (8-10th October 2010), alongside such acts as Powderfinger, Jet and many other famous for these boys to still have a level head space is such a blessing and I feel that they therefore connect better to audiences as their music is easier accepted to the public due to their nonchalant charisma.

Oceanics are on the uprising, so don't miss out on seeing them at one of their many Gold Coast/ Brisbane gigs before they skyrocket.
Their next gig is on the 11th of June at Miami Shark Bar starting roughly around 10pm.
So come along and support some local talent and they will swing a free demo CD your way!!

Can't make that one? No need to fret...
16 Jun 2010 8PM Kings Beach Tavern, Sunshine Coast, QLD
17 Jun 2010 8PM X & Y Bar, Brisbane QLD
5 Aug 2010 8PM The Basement, Gold Coast, QLD

You can keep updated on when there is an Oceanics gig near you by visiting their or Facebook Page:
Not convinced? Well, I find that hard to believe, but if you need a further push in the right direction then their demo tracks are now available to listen to, plus a couple of live videos, on their Myspace Page:

All music has been Produced and Engineered by Zach himself, with Elliot co-producing and co-engineering and the sound that has been produced by these two, who are only in their second year of learning about the process, is actually amazing.
All of this beautiful photography was brought to you by Victoria Lea Photography, like what you see? Check out some more of her wonderful artwork at:

-Cowgirl in the Sand

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