Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reverse Delay

I could feel you coming baby, like reserve delay.

The moment before the moment,
But could you hurry up my baby 
Hurry up

Because I'm tired of living this life without you
Not sharing it with you
I want to show you all the things
That excite me, that light me on fire
Baby, I want to show you.

I can feel you coming baby, like reverse delay
I know you're there baby
I can feel it in everything I do
I can feel you everywhere 

Burning bright, running deep within my veins
It's like I know you've got me
I know because I know
There is no other way to describe it 
I want to hold you though baby
With my arms they will not wander
They will find there way every day back, back to your body, back, back to your body.

Are you searching for me too, in everyone you meet?
Thinking one time, maybe two times, that you've found me?
Are you searching baby boy
As you look into their eyes
To quiet your mind?

Eternal love, love that will move mountains and evaporate oceans 
And split every atom
Of my being
Only to be made whole again.

I have so many things

So many things to give to you.

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