Sunday, January 11, 2015

Summer Storms

And so the tree had taken on a new shape
Because the rain had become its friend
Disheartening for some, but in its element in the sleepy, “miserable” weather.
No longer circular and perfect. It was messy and jagged.
Just one little tree, in  a field of many, but it stood alone, and it stood tall.
It was almost the same but slightly individual and separate.
Almost the same, but it would be lost within those untruths.
It changed, adapted, with the season, the environment.
Working with the world around it.
Forever growing.
A certain ease within an otherwise brilliant frustration.
It stood, soaking up the water, soaking up the sun.
But still, some leaves were dying.
So it shed
What was once fruitful and pure, coming from within, what once thrived.
What didn’t serve it anymore was removed, to make room for beautiful new growth.
No barriers, no boundaries, no limits.
No defence mechanism or casing of protection, for what no longer served.
Only room for growth.  


Live the life you lust.