Saturday, January 24, 2015

Panorama Vision

360 vision
my one decision
to leave it as it stands
or grasp it in my hands

Palms open
Wait for the collision
my multi-vision
sees freedom in the flow
release control

Tiny little gold mines: the frustrater
fuels my mind's equator

Pushing, pulling
holding me back
in this reality.
I choose vitality.

Harnessing energy
deep inside
my one divide
you've no reason to hide.

Let go, but keeping ground
not lost, not found.

Toes gripped to the edge
Feel the energy rise
mind expanding to the sky

The space between my eyes
to bring perception; a resurrection.

You're not broken,
you're not fixed,
you exist.

The windy path
is rarely clear
but choose your own
relinquish fear

You are the prize
you are the sun
you are the lucky one.


cannot be created, cannot be destroyed.

We are the prize
we are the sun
we are the lucky ones.

Warriors of love
warriors of light
together we ignite.

Stripped back, washed away
we stand tall on our own
but fearless mountain lions
together take the throne.

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